Casino Cash Virtual Casino Chips

If you have ever been to a casino then you have, without a doubt, seen the many different colors of chips on the tables that people are using to place bets on their games. Casino chips are used as substitutes for money in many casino games including poker, craps, roulette and more. With casino chips, value is denoted by color so there will be no confusion. Casino chip color standards area as follows: white or blue chips are worth one dollar; red chips, called nickels, are worth five dollars; green chips, called quarters, are worth twenty-five dollars; black chips are worth one hundred dollars; purple chips, called barneys, are worth five hundred dollars; and orange chips, called pumpkins, are worth one thousand dollars. Chips are very common in live casinos but are used on the web as well.

When you deposit money into your account on the online casino of your choice it can be converted into chips of the same value. Online, chips are most commonly used when you play the game of poker, but they are used in other games as well.

Many online poker sites offer great free casino cash deals in which they offer free poker chips for new members or for valued customers. These sites offer deals such as opportunities to play for one hour for free with one thousand dollars worth of free chips! Deals such as this give you the opportunity to make as much free casino cash as you can in an hour. At the end of the hour you must give up the original one thousand dollars worth of chips, but the profit that you made is yours to continue betting with!

Match deposits are also a great way to increase your virtual casino chips. When you make a deposit, many sites will give you a bonus equal to a percentage of your deposit, giving you casino chips or casino cash for free!